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Facebook Page Facebook Account Site 3Ds MAX 2011 Real Flow 5.0 Adobe After Effects CS3 Render : Mental Ray render time : one month ---- Watch video in HD --- Sound tracks : 0:24 NFS Undercover - Nine Inch Nails - The Mark Has Been Made 1:36 chiddy bang - opposite of adults 2:36 NFS Undercover - The Qemists - Stompbox (Spor Remix) Directed By 3:50 Prison break 17. The Manhunt Begins 4:47 NFS Undercover - Puscifer - Momma Sed (Tandemonium Mix) MOSTAFA MAHMOUD

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YouTube - Pantural - CAMARO.avi
YouTube - Pantural - Camaro

Amazing 3Ds Max Video by PANTURAL =]
Created by PANTURAL: This is probably my favorite video on all of youtube and is the best 3ds max work I have ever seen that not in a movie. Also, all of the sound effects went perfectly with the video. PANTURAL is very skilled and made this video using 3ds max, after effects, and photoshop. I just had to share this video with all of my subscribers because it is just amazing. I don't know him or have ever talked to him, but he deserves WAY more subscribers than he has. Right now he has less than me, which I don't think should be true. So please, please subscribe to him. He has a lot of other videos that are just like this one, so check em out. Oh and that black sludge thing rips off all of the white from the cars to make them black. I didn't pick that up until my 3rd time watching.

animation car drifting
animation car drifting

Blender 3D Project: Animation Tests, Car Collision Test One
Project: Animation Tests Name: Car Collision Test One Created: 19/01/10 Frames: 140 Description: A quick animation test, may add better versions later, stay tuned.