Ryan Tuerck: Driveway sessions- 1JZ

Ryan Tuerck Hooning in my D-way with my 1JZ 240. First time shaking it down this year. Still needs some fine tuning. 275 tires on this small driveway in 2nd gear is SKETCHY! to say the least.

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Ryan Tuerck Off Seasons
This is the coolest video project I have done so far. A lot of fun drifting that spot and getting the filming done. The setup was SR20 GT 3076 .63 a/r V- band housing. CNC ported head, Tomei cams, Tomei solid lifters, Tomei 87mm pistons, stock compression, Tomei Rods, tomei 740cc side feed injectors, Synapse V-band manifold, Q45 throttle body, Haltech E8 ecu, Greddy Type R BOV.

Ryan Tuerck: Driveway sessions- Missile drift
Ryan Tuerck Hooning in his driveway with the Bloodmasters missile car.

Ryan Tuerck: Stir crazy - Garage Burnout
Ryan Tuerck- Hooning in my garage with the 1jz 240

Ryan Tuerck- 1JZ Dyno Garrett GTX 3071.
My Setup. 1JZ, Stock bore, compression, CP pistons, Brian Crower springs, retainers. Brian crower 264 cams, New OEM Toyota head gasket, ARP headbolts, RC 550 injectors, Bosch 044 fuel pump, Running 39 PSI base fuel pressure, Ebay Exhaust manifold w/ Tial V band flange, Garrett GTX 3071 w/ Tial .64 V-band Exhaust housing, Running 21 PSI off of the wastegate, AEM version 2 ECU. Custom wiring harness by MA- Motorsports and repinned by Mark Panic for the AEM ECU. AEM 5 Bar Map sensor.