First customer Brabus Rocket 800 (going to Dubai)

This video shows the very first customer Brabus CLS Rocket 800.This car seen one different show events (IAA Frankfurt, Dubai Auto Show, Essen Motor Show) was bought by a rich guy from Dubai.This first customer car sold for 510.000€.You can order your very own Rocket in any color you like.You can also customize it with an infotainment system.

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Matte Brown Brabus SV12 R
Facebook Page: This time i recorded an awesome matte brown Brabus SV 12 R at the Brabus Showroom in Bottrop. This car was custom made and is now for sale for 355.000€ (470.000$) here in Germany. This car comes with the famous V12 Twin turbo engine which produces 800HP. Even though this car is a luxury limousine its faster than a Ferrari 458 or a Lamborghini Murcielago.With a topspeed of 350 km/h (limited!) its one of the fastest limousines in the world. The engine itself costs about 90.000€ which is more than an average sportscar. If you like this video make sure to subscribe and to check out my other videos! More important links: Flickr: EoR:

Brabus Rocket 800
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