'81 yamaha 750 seca

My '81 yamaha 750 seca, great bike.

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1981 yamaha seca 750
1981 Yamaha seca 750

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Motorcycle Vlog. A Blast From The Past. Yamaha 750 Seca
Motorcycle Vlog. Needed to take the Yamaha 750 Seca for a spin so it doesn't cease up. Had a lot of fun and brought back a lot of memories, I spent a lot of time on this bike. It's running not too bad but needs some work if it's ever going to be used as a daily commuter.

81 Yamaha XJ750 Seca 0-80mph
It's a 81 Seca: K&N filter, Supertrapp Exhaust, Custom paint, Extra wide rear tire, Aftermarket handlebars, and a ton of other stuff. I have timed the 0-60 and it's really close to 4 seconds. The video is supposed to end at 0:30 seconds, nothing happens after that so just end it there.