Caliber SRT-4 vs Jeep SRT-8

Caliber SRT-4 racing a Jeep SRT-8.

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Chevy Monza (150shot) vs Big Turbo Caliber SRT4 vs V6 Turbo Probe
Friendly run at Mexico International speedway. Monza: 355 SBC, 150 Shot, turbo 350 Tranny, 3.73 rear. Caliber SRT4: 23psi zeta 3.2 turbo

CALIBER SRT4 VS jeep SRT8 2do arrancon
cuarto de milla aguascalientes 1/4 de milla AGS AUTODROMO AGUASCALIENTES PICAS NOCTURNAS

Dodge caliber SRT4 vs BMW 335i
e92 335i 6MT (N54) - Stock Dodge Caliber SRT4 - Mods ?

Diablosport Intune Caliber SRT4 before and after
This is a before and after for my Caliber SRT4 ... Mods are catless downpipe , Magnaflow muffler, AGP WG , and K&N drop in.. Other mods are , Eibach Prokit springs and Blow Off Plate.. The graph at the end plays back my 3rd gear datalog... The legend in the top right of the graph shows what the line mean .. Major Gains !! Thanks to Diablosport for finally making this tuner !