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Mini Cooper 1300 WEBER Sound
The engine sound of my car.

Mini Weber Running Test
1992y Rover Mini Cooper (Carb.) Weber 40 DCOE Short Swan Neck IN-Mani. Maniflow LCB Lukey muffler

KAD 1050cc 5 port Mini Race Engine
Dyno running a 1048cc KAD built 5 port race engine making 113bhp at 9600 rpm Built with KAD custom conrods, KAD custom crankshaft, KAD cylinder head, KAD custom camshaft, Maniflow inlet and Exhaust manifold with Omex 200 Ignition ECU and Weber 45 DCOE carburettor

7-Port Classic Mini 1380cc with Twin 45 Webbers
7-Port Classic Mini 1380cc with Twin Webbers Engine spec: 1380cc A+ with Omega pistons - 7cc dish EN40B steel crank, cross drilled nitroided ectect Steel rods - shot peened and stress relived Block stress relived and drilled out 5/16 gearbox bolts 11 head studs drilled Centre main strap All new acl bearings though out Arp bolt though out New MED flywheel, back plate, race clutch, dynamic crank pulley Belt drive kit 296 billet cam Alloy 7 port with 37.5mm inlets and 31mm Exhaust rimflow valves,double valve springs MED roller rockers Twin Webber 45s Maniflow stage 3.5 Exhaust manifold Aldon Red dizzy Hi-torque starter motor SCCR gearbox with 1.1 SC drop gears with semi-straight cut LSD Engine built by Slark Race Engineering From J19 Mini Club, nr Bristol UK Polycarbonate Windows by ACW Motorsport Plastics