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Weber DCOE in a Mark 1 Mini?
Thinking of running a Weber side-draft DCOE carb on your Classic Mini? Jemal discusses the compromises to be made in order to fit one of these right behind the speedometer!

mini 1300 engine start WEBER RC40 KENTCAMS 276
12H engine weber 3in1 rc40 kentcams276

Classic Black Mini 120BHP 1380
Classic Black Mini, 120BHP on rolling road at southam mini's running 1380cc engine, weber 45, straight cut gearbox, custom twin exit Exhaust, 13"x7" superlight splitrims, A539 Yokohama tyres all fully restored, built and setup at Southam mini's

Mini 1380 first run with straight cut gearbox/drop gears
Mini with MED 1380cc, Longman stage 3 head, 285SP cam, 1:5 roller rockers, 2x Split-Weber 45mm straight manifolds and big rampipe with K&N filter in the front, LCB and Jan Speed Exhaust, 3,76 pin diff.,straight cut gearbox/drop gears, small alternator from a Cuore

Weber 45
Un primer arranque con el nuevo carburador Weber... Broooooommmmmmmmm

91yローバーミニ クーパー ウェーバー sold
宮城県石巻市U様有難う御座いました。 当店、I・F・G Car'sの在庫車です。スペックは、下記を参考にし ください。 モトリタレザーハンドル / ブラックレザーワンオフメーターパネル / スミス製スピードメーター / オートメーター製タコメーター / スミス製燃料計 / スミス製水温計 / TUDOR製油圧計 コブラレザーバケットシート / レザーシートカバーリアシート / デルタ製クイックシフト / カロッツェリア製CD,MDデッキ / ボッシュマン製リアスピーカー / ウェーバーキャブ45DCOE / LCB / ケント製276ロードラリーハイカム / ケント製強化ダブルバルブスプリング ARP強化ヘッドボルト MSD製マルチスパークシステム / MSD製シリコンプラグコード / MSD製シルバーコイル / ミニライトタイプ10インチアルミ / オーバーフェンダーレス仕様 / HiLoーKit / SPAXショック / MKーⅡ仕様 / ルーカス製MkーⅡテールレンズ / MkーⅡナンバープレート / ステンサイド出しマフラー 前後ネガティブキャンバーKit / 前後ステンメッシュブレーキホース / ステンメッシュクラッチホース 追加アッパーステディロッド / ランナバウト製レーシングドアミラー スピードメーター交換の為走行距離は不明といたします 。 詳しい画像は下記を参照して下さい。 http://www.ifg-cars.com/stock.html お気軽にお問い合わせ下さい。

stock mini engine with weber carbs

Running in of a 1300 Mini Engine
1275 A+ Metro Engine bored out to 1300. Block was acid bathed and faced (along with the head). Sports Cam, Rebuilt Gearbox with central oil pickup. Lightened Flywheel, Weber 45 DCOE Carb, Electronic Ignition and all new parts all round.

ミニ1000 ノーマル

Mini Cooper 1300 WEBER Sound
The engine sound of my car.

2014 Mini Production
Watch the birth of the new 2014 Mini from start to finish. http://www.testdriven.co.uk/2014-mini-photos-prices/ 0:00 Pressing Plant 1:54 Body Construction 5:57 Paint Shop 7:37 Assembly

2014 Mini Cooper S Hardtop - WR TV POV Test Drive
This week we've got our hands on the Cooper S with the six-speed manual gearbox, which is connected to a twin-scroll turbocharged 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder engine that generates 184 horsepower and 201lb-ft of torque. That combination is enough to get the 2675 pound Cooper S to sixty miles per hour in a scant 6.4 seconds. Starting at $23,600, the Cooper S brings both spirited performance and hints of BMW refinement to the table for relatively little coin. Let's head out for a drive. http://www.windingroad.com/articles/reviews/wr-tv-2014-mini-cooper-s/ Wear headphones! The audio in this video was recorded with in-ear binaural microphones. With headphones or earbuds on, you'll feel like you're actually sitting in the driver's seat. Try it out, it's all part of our goal to create the most realistic POV driving experience possible. If you haven't already, subscribe! We upload new videos every week that give quick insight into what our weekly test cars look, feel, and sound like when they're being driven joyfully. Winding Road Media presents automotive and racing products and information to car enthusiasts. http://www.windingroadracing.com offers products and services for car enthusiasts and racers. Winding Road Magazine is a free weekly online magazine written for the car enthusiast, with an intelligent, entertaining perspective. Visit us at http://www.windingroad.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Winding-Road/18921012131

Classic Mini Tv - Weber Intake Manifold Fabrication Attempt
http://tvmatkilat.com/?p=403 Hey there Classic Mini fan! Thanks for stopping by Classic Mini Tv. Please click on the "Show More" right below for more info... As always, thank you for visiting our channel. With all those other great YouTube videos out there, it makes us appreciate your visit here even more! Thanks! For those of you who are new here to Tv Mat Kilat, we would be thrilled if you would consider giving our video a Thumbs Up and Subscribing toTv Mat Kilat. We would really love to have your support. Ok. For our 4th episode of Classic Mini Tv, MiniWorks takes us to visit fabricator Robert Exhaust in Segambut to order a budget custom stainless steel Weber intake manifold for the weber 40/45 DCOE. It's very hard and it also costs a lot to obtain a high quality cast aluminium intake manifold to attach a Weber side draft here in Malaysia and so Sam tries to get Robert to make a cheaper one! The link you see above will take you to the article as it appears in our website. We hope you'll take a visit there and use the comments section under the article to leave us your comments or questions. Thanks again for watching!

Mini weber 40
driving down the A470 to Brecon

Mini Cooper Gets Air
Mini Cooper flies at 120mph through the air on a residential road.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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