petty blue 1973 duster 340 crushed for scrap

getting an extremely rotted duster ready for the scrap guy- rear frame, quarters,trunk, floors, firewall, rockers all gone- lots of nice bondo in it though

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cars in barns -1975 duster first start since 1989 !!!
this is a car i dragged from the bush in northern BC hasn't been started since 1989 it fired up very easily after i replaced the ballast resistor and added fresh gas

Crushing 1971Plymouth Duster CRUNCH!!!
Scrapping wats left of the crappy 1970 plymouth duster

Crushing a 1975 Plymouth Duster
Crushing a 1975 Plymouth Duster after stripping it. It too was a rust free California car.

73 Duster
73 Dodge Duster raced by Scott Dull