Ford Falcon GT HO Phase 4 [1998]

Excerpt from History Of The Ford Falcon (posted on my 'grubcomedia' channel in full), this segment shows a real life Ford Falcon GT HO Phase 4, one of only 4 surviving examples (at least back in 1998).

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Ford Falcon GTHO Phase 4 test drive
The Falcon GTHO Phase 4 is one of the rarest muscle cars ever built by Ford. Only 4 were ever made and 3 are beleived to still exist. 3 were purpose built for production car racing and only one made it through the production line before the program was cancelled due to the "muscle car scare" in Australia. It is to Australia, what the Mustang Boss 429 is to the USA - The ultimate muscle car.

INSIDE GARAGE: Tony's '73 Ford Falcon XA GT
This feature we travel to Cronulla, NSW to go inside Tony's garage and check out his unique 1973 Ford Falcon XA GT. Keen to see what you think. Follow us on Facebook and YouTube to be notified when we post new features. INSIDE GARAGE Steven Martin & Shaun Wellfare

GTHO PHASE 4 40. 45 YEARS UPDATE falcon GTHO PHASE 4 DeXA 40 YEARS NEYS-ROAD-TodaY-2017 45 YEAR LINK AGO TODAY it HiT the FaN " INCLUDING the calypso green GTHO PLATED CAR LONG VERSION Meanwhile it was meltdown at Lot 6 GLENBARRY RD THOMASTOWN 3 RACING XA falcon GTs were being modified for the Allan Moffat (Ford Racing team) FRED GIBSON Both Bathurst Winners

Fast Fords leaving a Car Show 2017
Some fast and retro Fords leaving Beaulieu Simply Ford 2017. Facebook: Flickr: DRIVETRIBE: Instagram: @adamc3046