Snow Drift on ICE with the Extreme Nissan Juke-R

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Nissan Juke Snow
The JUKE RS is pretty extreme on the road, but how about when you throw it into the most extreme winter conditions in the world? Challenged to race a team of Huskies in Lapland in the middle of winter, Nismo had to rebuild the JUKE RS into something even more special… Introducing the JUKE RSNOW! Minimal useable location sound was used for this piece since it was all shot on GoPros. The dog bark at the end and a bit of distorted engine noise were the only things to make the cut. The task here was to create a realistic but high impact chase sequence sound design as the dog sled and Nissan Juke raced across Lapland. A mixture of raw and processed samples including many layers of dogs, sleds, snow and wind with sounds of Nismo cards stacked and processed to drive the piece forwards.

Nissan Juke snow and hill offroad compilation
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