Buick 4.1 SFI Turbo on Dyno

Engine Built, Tuned, and Tested at Pro Car Associates in Akron, OH. Providing our Customer a Complete Engine System Solution for their Street Performance application Upload to 2010/11/28

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1987 Buick Turbo T 4.1 Compilation 1
Brief highlights of the build of my 87 turbo T and the 2013 season. This was an experiment in using Windows Movie maker. Soundtrack is Dreams by Van Halen.

OTTO'S PERFORMANCE 1987 Buick Grand National 700 rwhp/675 rwtq @ 25 psi
4.1 274 ci Motor built by Russ Merritt and tuned by Otto at Otto's Performance in Milford CT. 76 GTQ turbo @ 25 psi

GN Northwest 1050whp Stage 2 Buick V6 on the Dyno
Gene Fleury's tube chassis Stage 2 Buick V6 puts over a thousand horsepower to the tire with the help of the one and only Cal Hartline!

Wrong heads on a Buick V6 231
I found this boat for really cheap. The seller told me to put a new engine in it. He said oil was coming out the dipstick hole and would smoke after running for a little while. Turns out it has a burnt piston a spun main bearing and the wrong heads installed. The heads are set up to be oiled through the pushrods but the block is pushing oil up two .250 passages to the deck. This oil just pours out down the valley. Without the back pressure the rear end of the block gets very little oil. .250" is nearly the tapdrill size for a 5/16"-18 so I tapped the holes and RTVed set screws in the passages. Starting into the third season now, summer of 2011, and no issues yet.