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vector vama federal signal lightbar amber/blue/white/

de coté !!!


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Federal Signal Mini Siren MS4000

Title: Federal Signal Valor Lightbar Front and Rear Flash Patterns
Valor Lightbar webpage: http://www.fedsig.com/products/297/valor_lightbar SAFETY AT THE CRITICAL ANGLES For officers that rank safety as a top priority and desire a low profile appearance, the Valor™ is the obvious choice. Valor's distinct non-linear shape and Solaris® LED reflector design provide 360-degrees of light output and impressive off-axis lighting. In comparison to linear lightbars, Valor's shape was engineered to outperform at 45-degree and 90-degree angles, critical for intersection clearing. Proudly made in the USA Configure your lightbar today: http://config.fedsig.com/lightbar/ Valor lightbar shown is red/blue on the driver side and red/blue on the passenger side, both front and rear

Federal Siren PA300 SERIES
Federal Signal Corporation, USA, PA300 SERIES, 12V, 100W, Tones Demo ---- EXCELENT SIREN!!! Attention! Don't ever buy Sirens on eBay.com from seller "sflts2" from Miami!!! If he will offer you NEW 200W Siren, he will sent you after payment only 100W Siren and USED !!! cc EMSLights 2010

Federal Signal Vision SLR Lightbar Flash Patterns
Redesigned from the inside out, experience the new Vision® SLR from Federal Signal. It is obvious as soon as you see the Vision SLR that it was engineered for safety. The distinct non-linear shape and exclusive Solaris SLR (Solaris LED Rotating Reflector) provide a maximum of 360-degrees of light output not achieved by a linear lightbar. Vision SLR maximizes light output to help clear the roadway in critical traffic intersections. Proudly made in University Park, IL Vision SLR webpage: http://www.fedsig.com/products/296/vision_slr_lightbar Configure your Vision SLR lightbar today: http://config.fedsig.com/lightbar/

Federal Signal Viper S2 Dual Internal LED Warning Light
http://www.sirennet.com/fs329000-xx.html The Federal Signal Viper S2 Dual Internal LED Warning Light with superior light output and easy pattern synchronization advances lighting expectations to a higher plateau. Exceptional warning capability, versatile mounting and simple product functionality make the Viper S2 stand out as the best internal warning light in the industry. Bold blocks of light and superior off-axis reflection are achieved using advanced Solaris reflector technology. Molded scalloped facets at the rear of the reflector direct LED light forward to form an impressive block of illumination. Two inboard side reflectors mirror high intensity LED light to the side producing wide-angle off-axis warning. Stand-alone units work independently and have up to 23 flash patterns that are selected by an easy to reach push button switch. The simple to use, multi-purpose push-button pattern switch is used to scroll forward and backward through the flash patterns. A lighted On/Off power switch is built into the cigarette plug. Viper S2 lights deliver dramatic light output and can be mounted almost anywhere inside the emergency vehicle. The housing is compact and made of lightweight polycarbonate which is safer in case of accident or air bag deployment. Mounting the Viper S2 is made quick and versatile with a swivel type bail bracket and suction cups. Each unit comes equipped with a snap-on flash guard (no screws required) and reflective tape to help optimize forward LED light output. All models are shipped complete with flash guard, reflective tape, bracket and mounting hardware. Power cable length is nine feet long with cigarette plug. Features Advanced Solaris LED reflective light technology. Push button flash pattern control. Lighted On/Off power switch is built into the cigarette plug. New/innovative built-in warning patterns. Four high intensity LED colors to choose from. Versatile mounting brackets and snap-on flash guards included. Extremely low amp draw. Quietly meets EMI and RFI requirements. Specifications: Current Draw: 2.2 amps Voltage: 12.8 VDC Operating Temp.: -30°C to +65°C Size (H x L x D): 1.2 in x 8.5 in x 2.9 in (3.0 cm x 21.6 cm x 7.4 cm) Ship Weight: 1.5 lbs (0.7 kg) Federal Signal 5 Year Warranty

Federal Signal 4 siren tones
The FS smart system only allows the use of 3 out of 4 tones at at iem. You have to program the unit for the 4th tone

Federal Signal Smart Vector (Part I.)
My FedSig Smart Vector before refurbishing, just as it arrived from the USA.

sacex amber beacon 12 v
voici un gyro de marque SACEX orange 12 v

aerodynic vama
Hommage au modèle aerodynic en version VAMA. Instalée sur les voitures de la police nationale de Paris dans les années 80, c'est la première et dernière rampe US que Paris utilisera sur leur voiture. Le modèle equipait des Peugeot et des Renault (turbo). Certaines de voitures etaient même equipées de sirènes PA200 !

vector lightbar vama
et encore une !

DLC 1/2 Configurable Arrowstick driver from IDEATEC
Full demo of DLC from Ideatec connected on an CODE3 LED arrowstick (CODE3 LEDX 6x amber and 2x blue). DLC is based on a bus system using only 1 bus cable on the dashboard. The DLC is also equipped of 3 outputs which can control beacons, siren, grill lights. It can also take care of the handbrake and ignition signals.

Xpert Blue/amber lightbar
The new Xpert lightbar with clear lenses and blue/amber split color LED modules

vector vama lightbar
with strobelight, revolvinglight, and nightlight. thank you before you perfect reparation a SIRAC/RAUWERS. thomas this video its for you...

signal LED WARNING amber 2 and vector federal signal
une petite vue d ensemble

Federal Signal Vision SLR
The Federal Signal Vision SLR @ IACP 2010. Rotating LED Lightbar with color changing technology and SignalMaster. Lightbar was released in the first part of 2011.

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