How To Successfully Pick Up Walk of Shames

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Here's my latest vlog👉 👈 Tips and tricks to conquer the Walk of Shame. :) Follow me Outfit of the days Facebook Tumblr Vlog/fashion channel Pinterest Google + Instragram: LaToyaForever Instrumental by:

University of Birmingham - Students' Perspective
Current students Grace Ajose and Ruth Garner share their thoughts on why the University of Birmingham is the right place for you to come and further your studies. Covering areas such as reputation, funding opportunities and the institution's global impact, Grace and Ruth show how the University is dedicated in helping all its students reach their goals. For more information about the University of Birmingham, visit Produced by Marlena Kersey, MA Film and Television rch-prod.aspx

Penn State Walk of Shame
This was a project for our PSU 009 class. Our setting was Penn State on a Saturday at 8AM. NONE OF THIS IS REAL! The song throughout the movie is sung by the CT College Williams Street Mix. The song is sung to The Sounds of Silence by Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel

the RAMOS project | How Any Man Can Become A Successful Pick-Up Artist
Love Systems claims it could mold your average Screech into the smoothest guy in the room with "the best and most comprehensive method" to pick up women. So what does it take to be a successful pick-up artist? Lifestyle expert Andrew Ramos spent the day with Love Systems' instructor The Don to find out. Check out Andrew's blog: for more tips and make sure to follow him on Twitter @AndrewJRamos