2003 Honda Valkyrie starting & revving burnout

starting and revving 2003 Honda Valkyrie - quick takeoff with a little burnout

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1985 Honda VF1000R VFR Yoshimura exhaust
1985 Honda VF1000R VFR with Yoshimura Exhaust starting & revving just after unloading from Eagle One motorcycle delivery truck - idle is way out of adjustment. this was a warm engine as i had it running prior to filming. no choke + high idle - probably just a little adjustment

Honda Valkyrie with nickle standing on edge on valve cover while running!
This shows just how smooth this motorcycle starts and runs!

Honda Valkyria 1550 "Beethoven"
Mirečkova krasavice na jedne z prvních vyjížděk.

1992 Yamaha Seca II 600 starting & revving
1992 Yamaha Seca II 600 starting & revving - this is a great bike, comfortable for commuting and can hold it's own through the twisties