Leh Keen at Road Atlanta (996RSR)

Leh Keen at Road Atlanta in a Porsche 996 GT3 RSR

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TSM Record Setting 1:23.8 @ Road Atlanta w/ Leh Keen
TopSpeed Motorsports and Leh Keen brake both the GT-R record as well as the NASA TTR record at Road Atlanta in the TSM GT-R with a 1:23.8!!!

Leh Keen driving a 74 Porsche RSR in the 2014 LeMans Classic
Leh Keen driving WeatherTech Racing's 1974 Porsche 911 RSR in the LeMans Classic 2014. Start of race 3 fighting to the lead in class. We went on to win our class. Also a practice lap in the rain at night. car value is 1.5+ million. Shake&Bake.

Leh Keen at Watkins Glen
Leh Keen at Watkins Glen

Interscope #0 935 K3 driven by Leh Keen "The Hawk" feature race 2015
Video of the entire feature race on Sunday of The Hawk. I started 35th and finished 11th. Some cars did not make the grid so my true starting position I do not know. This was a shake down weekend for the Monterey Historics and RennSport reunion. The first time the car has been on track after sitting for quite a while. The center pivot point on the shifter comes apart on the last lap while i was up along side the Monza for a pass.. I left it in 4th gear and finished the race.. Didn't want to risk going into the wrong gear with a broke shifter. Fantastic car!! Lots of fun and ran great after sitting for so long.. Dream come true to race.