Lego D-Day Omaha Beach

On June 6,1944 the allies landed on Normandy's coast soon to liberate Europe.

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D Day Omaha Beach - Lego Movie by Morrison Brother Productions 2016
Many years later, a WWII veteran recounts his dangerous experiences during the Normandy Invasion. Follow along as our hero hits the bloody sands of Omaha Beach, and fights his way through the heavily fortified German defenses. Full of combat action scenes and special effects, this stop motion animation film will captivate audiences and honor those who gave their last full measure of devotion.

Lego WW2 Band of Bricks
A lego video about the D-DAY landings on Omaha beach. FIRE IN THE HOLE!!

Lego: D-day, Saving Private Ryan, The Halftrack
Second Lego ww2 clip about the D-day: our lego troops in normandy. After the landing at Omaha beach, the allies have now to secure the inland. (maybe it's a bit like saving private ryan.... :P )

Well, here it is, my second WW2 film, voices suck, as usual, but who cares?