Lego D-Day Omaha Beach

On June 6,1944 the allies landed on Normandy's coast soon to liberate Europe.

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The Second battle of Kharkov was an attack by the Axis. The objective was to get rid of the "Barvenkovo bulge", which is a Soviet offensive staging area. Can you find the hidden strormtrooper?? Thanks to Dan Siskind at Brickmania for: -Panzer 3 -Panzer 4 -Opel Blitz -PaK 38 -T-26 -Stug 3 Thanks to Lando at Brickmania for All Germans All Soviets Panzer Operators (some also from Vehicles made by us (Operation Brick) -KV-1 -panzer 1 -panzer 2 luchs -b-4 howitzer -maxim -dushka -german radio -painted splinter camo german Music is -Stalingrad (1993) main theme - Volatile Reactions by Kevin Macleod -A red army rising by Cris Velasco 5716 Frames Sounds from,, and homemade Gun flare from gunFX which is an application Movie software is iMovie Hope you like it!

Buzz Movie - 1942 Lego World War 2 Second Battle of Kharkov
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D-Day Lego Stopmotion
Took me long enough to do this