Lego D-Day Omaha Beach

On June 6,1944 the allies landed on Normandy's coast soon to liberate Europe.

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Epic LEGO WWII D-Day Normandy Omaha Beach by Brickmania
New LEGO videos every day. SUBSCRIBE! Watch this giant LEGO crane crash as we interview the builder! Beyond the Brick talks with Cody Osell about Brickmania's massive World War II D-Day +1 Omaha Beach Normandy, France military scene at Brickworld Chicago 2016. This build was created by Dan Siskind, Yitsy Kasowitz and Cody Osell. Parts of it are based on the movie Saving Private Ryan. Check out more amazing LEGO WWII creations: Tour Brickmania's headquarters: Purchasing from Brickmania? Use promo code BEYONDTHEBRICK for 5% off! See more from Brickworld Chicago 2016: Use promo code BEYOND2016 at for 10% off your order! Intro animation by HJ Media Studios: -- Subscribe to Beyond the Brick on YouTube - Follow Beyond the Brick on Instagram - Follow Beyond the Brick on Twitter - Like Beyond the Brick on Facebook: Circle Beyond the Brick on Google+ -

Lego Liberation of France

Lego battle of brecourt manor part 1
Part 1. I uploaded this now due to lack of bricks and time, but will finish it asap.