340 Duster vs big block Camaro

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1970 Duster 340 5-70 pull
A quick pull from 5-70 on an on-ramp with the 1970 Plymouth Duster 340 4-speed. 470hp/455 lb-ft

70 Duster 340 small block dyno pull
1970 Duster 340 stroked to 443 making final Dyno run after tuning. 716whp on motor. Mustang Dyno

340 Duster vs. 426 Hemi Dart
Mopars at Milan Dragway September 1, 2007.

340 4speed duster vs 455 pontiac in car video
Bryan D. drag racing plymouth Duster at Lebanon Valley drag strip In car video . 13.89 duster to the pontiacs 13.88, reaction time win goes to the duster.