Boosted integra play with d16 CRX on highway

Messing around

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300 whp boosted crx
playin with my b18c1 turbo 91 honda crx 11psi

b16 crx blows engine
testing new skunk2 valve train. and this is not my car. got it?

B20vtec Integra Vs. D16 Hatch
1991 integra with a stock b20vtec untuned, full header back Exhaust, intake, ls tranny. Im in the hatch with a d16z6 all stock besides spoon sports header, ebay catback to magnaflow muffler, intake and a tune. Pulls were done on a closed course ;)

Pov Shot Launch Boosted Integra
Weak ass launch on Boost albs. 6262 turbo setup big injectors blah blah