6262 turbo civic 60 to 140mph 4th gear roll on pull 21-22lbs of boost on E85

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639whp Turbo acura integra boost by gear gt35 lsvtec boost by gear bbg
Here is a video of Boost by gear in my 2000 turbo charged acura integra. car makes 639 whp on 27.8 psi. its a lasky racing built lsvtec. benson sleeves, pauter rods, cp pistons 9-1. gsr head with supertech valvetrain. car is tuned by lj at fullblown motorsports. showing the difference between feathering the throttle and Boost by gear, using hondata s300 1st video is 48% fixed duty cycle ( 28 psi 639whp) 2nd video is Boost by gear, 1st and 2nd gear is on waste gate (12 psi) feather throttle 3rd gear is 29% duty cycle (15 psi) and 4th is 41 % duty cycle (22-23 psi) flat foot. the car is just on the brink of traction, lower the tire pressure a bit and bump my rear suspension to stiff and she hooks. i could hold second gear flat foot if i change my waste gate spring to around 7- 9 psi. but i havent got around to it. it is defenetly faster, easier and safer to drive with the Boost by gear, only thing is i cant leave strips in 3rd, 4th or 5th ;) turbo acura / honda integra is a laskey racing built 2.0L b18 gsr lsvtec, supertech valvetrain, garrett gt35 with a synapse ramhorn manifold. golden eagle intake, fullblown motorsports 1000whp fuel system. tial 44mm wastegate, car was tuned by fullblown. it made 639whp and 431tq on 27 psi. volk ce28's with 235 60 15 m&h street and strips

6262 turbo civic 10.8 @137mph.wmv
1st hit with the civic, still need to dial in the short track and the Boost by gear, suspension needs to be addressed too, and chassis needs to be corner balanced. Low Boost for now (21lbs) on a maxed fuel system.

742whp 6262 Turbo Integra - English Racing
*** FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK & KEEP UP *** https://www.facebook.com/pages/English-Racing/293052032533 Myles finally got his Integra back together after spinning a rod bearing at the last Shift-S3ctor event earlier in 2013. Hit 742whp/468tq @ 31psi Mod List: Sleeved 84mm GSR 10.5:1 Wiseco Hd Pistons Manley turbo Tuff Rods. Supertech Valve springs/Retainers Ferrea 6000 IN/EX valves Ferrea Keepers B16 head GSC Power-Division turbo Cams 4.5L Skunk2 Ultra Series Skunk2 90mm TB FIC 2150's E100 fuel Stock sumped fuel tank Twin 255's inline ETS Forward Facing turbo manifold ETS 3" Intercooler piping ETS 4x12x24" Intercooler Precision 6262, T3 .82A/R

Evo IX with FP Black vs Boosted Honda Civic 6262 vs Sleeper Mazda
Events where filmed in Mexico.