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2015 Yamaha FZ-09 BIKE PORN
I'm not really a huge fan of of FZ's, but when I saw this at the dealership, my mind was changed. The color scheme and stance is dope! Due to the snow that is still currently in the area, I decided to go back and take some shots of it. Hope you like it! My Favorite Company: (Discount Code: "MIZSHFT2016") As always you can stalk me here: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Google+: Song: Krale - Frontier (ft. Jasmina Lin & Jay Christopher) [NCS Release]

Motorbike Meetup Sydney - Feat. RidingWithTom
Sorry about the video quality, wasn't shooting on the best setting for the job. On the 28/06/14 Riding With Tom came to Sydney. Fans met up and rode from the Sydney Harbour Bridge through the Royal National Park. Please Like, Comment, and Subscribe! :) You can also share if you want to.

SBK Motovlogger Meet 2016 Part 1
Stay Broke Krew MotoVlogger Meet 2016 Part 1 in Dallas Texas. Lots of great footage and more to come. You will recognize many familiar faces from YouTube if you look closely! Dont forget to Like, Share, and Subscribe! Social Media Facebook - Instagram - SBK Fan Page -

I Survived Black Friday + MizShift is back!
MizShift is back! Don't hate me for the sign off tribute, I'm just a big fan. I survived Black Friday (aka. WalMart Hunger Games) with this one simple step: AVOID IT. MizShift: Don't forget to subscribe and follow me on FaceBook: MizShift's Outro Song: Super fun 3 (MSB)