1969 Mercury Marquis Commercial

1969 Mercury Marquis Commercial Greg's Automotive Classic Car and Truck Products http://www.gregsonline.com

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1969 Mercury Marquis And Monterey Commercial
1969 Mercury Marquis And Monterey Commercial

1982 Bert Weinman Ford Commercial
1982 Bert Weinman Ford commercial. Get one of those beautiful 1977 Chevys and Fords for only $2188! Also pushing out those 1982s for the upcoming 1983s. And they're open Sunday too! Linn does a great job with the selling! Sadly, this legendary Chicago dealership recently closed! **This commercial is from my 1977-83 Commercials volume 2 set**

1969 Mercury Marauder X100 Two Door Hardtop Blk DD061513
For those who didn't have enough luxury with the regular Marauder, Mercury produced an even more deluxe X100 model! There were 9031 regular Marauders built this year, but only 5635 X100 hardtops. 360 horses and a mammoth 480 lbs. ft. of torque from the 429 c.i. engine. If you want performance, AND a full sized car, this was the luxury alternative. This one is truly amazing in its beautiful restoration!

The Story Of Cougar 1: The First Mercury Cougar
A while back, we sat down with Jim Pinkerton, the owner of the very first production Mercury Cougar (1967 model year), a.k.a. Cougar 1. We hit the "record" button on our cameras and he let loose with an epic tale of how the car was first sold in Canada, its subsequent life there, and how it eventually got into his hands - an intriguing story! He also goes over some of the unique features of the car, and some of the restoration techniques used. It's a truly beautiful factory show car with more attention to detail than the 'average' Cougar. Special thanks to Jim Pinkerton for his time, and for providing most of the images you see in this video from his own collection of Cougar memorabilia. Check out our YouTube channel for more Cougar videos, and subscribe to stay up to date! Need parts for your classic Cougar? Visit our parts catalog at: http://www2.cougarpartscatalog.com Like us on Facebook for even more Cougar goodness! https://www.facebook.com/WestCoastClassicCougar