Slowest Acceleration!! (See description)

This a 1994 Chrysler Plymouth: Voyager mini van. It takes 19.47 secs to go from 0-60mph. Specs: 2.5 Liter 4 cylinder engine about 152,000 miles on this baby

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Top 10: Fastest Accelerating Cars
The acceleration felt from the view of the speedo of these cars can only be imagined.

Worlds Slowest Car (0-60mph From a roll)
1984 BMW 733i 0-60mph From a roll (21 seconds)

2.3l 100% mustang throttle PART II
100% throttle in a 5 speed 2.3l... IT SHOULDNT BE THAT SLOW SHOULD IT?On completely flat land.. YET AGAIN..

Slowest Acceleration!! Take 2! (See description)
Same Voyager as the first video. This time my friend added STP fuel addictive in after every refuel for 6 refuels. You can see a more constant acceleration this time around.