4 Rotor Animation

How a 4 Rotor Rotary engine works. Aninmation

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Next Generation Rotary Engine?
Patented Intake System for Wankel Rotary Engine, Removes traditional 'Throttle' valve and controls engine load by varying the amount of Air/Fuel avilable for combustion by bleeding off the compression cycle and recirculating it into next the intake cycle. "Compression Charge Recirculation Engine Load Control" Improved torque curve with less fluctuation, Reduced pumping losses, Better fuel atomisation/ economy. PATENT LICENCE FOR SALE

The Mazda Rotary Engine Part 1
Educational film by Toyo Kogyo about the Mazda Rotary Engine. Shows how the Rotary engine works with comparisons to the Piston Engine. Also shows the Mazda RX500 test vehicle on a banked circuit and the Mazda Cosmo Sport (or 110S). Originates from the late 60's.

Introducing MechaniCards Mechanical Greeting Cards
More info - http://MechaniCards.com The original five, mailable kinetic sculptures, hand made by Bradley N. Litwin; primarily paperboard, with few bits of wood, metal, and plastic. The video is of the original prototype pieces. Check out the production versions, new pieces, and more, at http://MechaniCards.com. All the music on this video is performed by Bradley, too.

new rotary engine semi functional prototype
engine, new engine, new technology, energy saving, this is a video of a new rotary engine the engine shows that all of the mechanisms work but doesn't start because of manufacturing problem