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LCAC - Hovercraft LA County Fire

Training exercise between US Navy and LA County Fire. LCAC does a donut off shore before coming to land.


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Fire Chief
International Trucks Trail Magazine presents Fire Chief. 22 miles off the California coast, a bare-bones fire department calls on the WorkStar to keep Catalina Island safe and sound.

VW Drag Racing - Vegas 04 - estrada vs sacchette
PRA - VW Drag Racing. Vegas 04 super street final Jack Sacchette vs. Jorrie Estrada. VW ghia vs Bug.

MAD-81 hovercraft 3 person water start demonstration (hovercraft hump)
Link to http://www.bufocraft.net . Demonstration of water start of MAD-81 hovercraft with 3 person on board in deep freesh water. MAD-81 hovercraft is designed for fastest hump speed time possible, beats hump in matter of 5 seconds fully uploaded.

VW Drag Racing- Red Baron
VW Drag racing Sac 2005. Red Baron tries to keep it on the track.

Russian Bear is back
(Follow RT at http://twitter.com/RT_com and at http://www.facebook.com/pages/RT/326683984410?ref=mf ) Russian long-range bombers are patrolling the skies on a regular basis once again. And the backbone of the country's strategic fleet remains the TU-95 "Bear", an aircraft many consider to be a Cold War legend.

Hovercrafts - Ryde - Isle of Wight - May 2011
Approaching Hovercraft at Ryde, UK

U.S. Navy Hovercraft drives on public beach
i was hangin out at my house watchin tv and stuff, and i see a huge hovercraft beach onto the Alamitos Beach in Long Beach, California. I don't know why it was there and why it came there, i just filmed it and wanted to show you all. It was funny, cause they started to do dough-nuts in the harbor when it left.

Rc hovercraft self built
Guys ... if you want here there is the link of my Rc hovercraft...but this is nitro and in wood: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFJTTd1eErE&list=UUndCu2fYt_2aXarQ2pIUOeg And here there are the music: Escape: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbT1noki_18 Nemesis: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VsKvZTu4dtQ) The channel of the music that i use: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCukKji9sX5XE0hGtgyldKAQ/feed

DashCam - Los Angeles County Fire and McCormick Ambulance Roll Code 3
LACoFD Paramedic 8 and a McCormick ALS Ambulance Unit roll Code 3 (Lights and Sirens) through downtown Hollywood on April 4, 2013. Both units were using EQ2B sirens, and the Ambulance was using a large truck horn as apposed to the standard EQ2B airhorn. The units were responding to an Unknown Medical call a couple blocks behind this location. Due to busy LA traffic, both units used the oncoming traffic lanes to get around cars backed up from the traffic signal. Enjoy!

How to Slow wheelie

Totally Wild drive a hovercraft at Flying Fish in Queensland.
Adam Wild's adventure driving one of our Marlin II hovercraft at the Flying Fish HoverCross track in Caboolture. www.flyingfishhovercraft.co.uk 0044 (0) 1304 619820 'Turn-key' personal hovercraft with an incredible heritage and sporting pedigree! Flying Fish Hovercraft have been developed over the course of more than a decade. The lightweight yet strong construction, beautiful engineering and intelligent design produces a craft which outperforms any other hovercraft in its class, whilst costing a fraction of imported (and in some cases, UK) manufactured hovercraft. Over 600 sold in 30 countries! Up to 45mph/70km/h over land or water with up to three people on board. Half the weight of plastic/HDPE hovercraft means easy steering, stopping and quick acceleration! Can be towed behind small car. One man launch/recovery Ideal flood response/search & recovery/medivac Hull construction - Glass reinforced plastic (fibreglass.) Protection - Two keel strips, perimeter aluminium strip. Fan protection - 2"/50mm guard to front of duct. Dry Weight - Approx 460lbs/225kgs. Payload - Up to 660lbs/300kgs on land or when travelling over water without needing to stop. Maximum water start/hump capability is approx 195kgs. Seating - Padded seats in 'T' shape arrangement for two or three people. Rear 'bench' seat can be removed to provide a small deck space. Steering - Handlebars with lever-style throttle control. Length - 10'9"/3.3m (off cushion) 12'3"/3.65m (on cushion) Width - 6'0"/1.85m (on cushion) 7'6"/2.25m(on cushion) Height 4'6"/1.4m (off cushion) 5'6"/1.7m (on cushion) Engine - 'Hoverised' Briggs & Stratton 'Vanguard' air-cooled, V-Twin 35bhp engine. Upgrades available for the speed crazy! Starting - Electric. Max Revs - Static 3800rpm Flotation - Floats and starts on water. Bouyancy - Foam filled plenum, positively bouyant when swamped. Noise - 75dbA (25m) at cruising speed. Maximum 83dbA at full power (loudest possible reading) Fuel Capacity - 6 Gallons/27 litres in integral tank. Range - Approx 100miles/160kms, depending on conditions. Maximum Speed - Approx 45mph/70km/h depending on surface/wind/load. Cruising Speed - Approx 28mph/45km/h depending on surface/wind/load. Skirt - Neoprene coated nylon in 70 replaceable segments. Fan - 6 Blades, 940mm duct, 120m/s tip speed. Flow straighteners - 7 concentric, give extra thrust & fan protection. Lights two headlights as standard - navigation lights optional. Battery - 12v, 10 amp max charging system. Standard Fittings - Passenger grab handles, towing eye, three mooring cleats. Water Ingress - Two drain plugs to void interior, optional bilge pump in plenum chamber. Strengthened load points - Handles, tow eyes, cleats, frame, steering etc. Can be fitted with davit/lifting points. Storage - Front pocket, under seat storage and rear seat removable to provide a small deck area. Engine/Fan frame/Exhaust - Stainless steel. www.flyingfishhovercraft.co.uk 0044 (0) 1304 619820

LA County Fire Station 8
Finally finished all of the decal installations for the rigs. This is the Engine and Squad headed out on a call.

LCAC ACU 5 Hovercraft
Lcac On Cushion.

LCAC-81 hovercraft US navy leaving the beach in oceanside ca sept 20 2009 after harbor days event
It's big and impressive when its sitting totally still and silent. Then it comes to life and it's more impressive. Then it gets up and goes and you are blow away!! both literally and figuratively. :) Kind of like an elephant sitting down, it seems kinda of calm and safe. Then it suddenly stands up and you realize 'damn this this is big and powerful' It turned on it's own axis and headed down the beach and out to sea without leaving barely a trace of a footprint. I've seen this scene before a few times over the years but this is the first time I've taken video of it. Each time it impresses me all over again.

B-52 Crash at Fairchild Air Force Base
B-52 Crash at Fairchild Air Force Base in 1994.

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