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Messing around

Found a new spot to slide at


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Hyperfest Drift Nirvana 2012
Had barely any seat time this event, way too many people. Had like 36 runs total! ALSO this was on low Boost, defiantly adding more Boost for 3rd gear!

After Church Sliding
Drifting in my church clothes lol. Here's a new angle for you guys! Instagram: vseredich Shirts: http://www.cnotionsclothing.com/#!valera/c22p2

Drifting the backroads
Had the day off ;)

Having Fun In Snow GoPro HD 240sx s14
First snow of this winter. Just went out to mess around.

Brap Brap

Best Motoring Int. - Japan vs. USA Drift Off
Best Motoring Int. - Japan vs. USA Drift Off

On my way to college

First time with an RB25
Where to begin lol. Here's my story: Now to begin with I had an Exhaust leak before the turbo which means decrease in power. On top of that I had steering issues with the wheels rubbing (put smaller spacers in and didn't hammer out the fender wells) where it would hit my wheel which meant it didn't counter steer by itself so I had to try to do it myself. Also there were SOO many drifters. I only had 9 total runs.... So I picked my best run of the day which was bad lol but you can hear how AWESOME RB's sound. Got motor 5 days before the event, we quickly rushed to get the motor in before the event. Everything seemed to be going great. ALL parts came in time EXCEPT my driveshaft... Asked the company what's up 2 days before the event.. Said the guy got sick who makes the driveshafts. He told me theres another shop that can make one, but I had to overnight the driveshaft in the morning of the event. Quickly we put the driveshaft in, all good. Next thing, wouldnt go into gear. Fixed that. Coolant started leaking from bad hose. Fixed that. Yay off to the track I went, 4 hours late lol.

Went to drift after lunch :)

girlfriend drives evo 9 mr and does donuts in the snow
my girlfriend doing donuts for the first time in our evo 9 mr. It was a little on the scary side for me but i think she did a good job for her first time.

Blew my new SR....
:( Before my motor died I had a trans leak. Fixed that. Then oil started leaking out the oil drain hose. Fixed that all happy, started the car up and it started misfiring and puffing blue smoke. Checked the compression it was 50 psi................ Anyone want to donate some money? lol

Funniest Ride Along Drift Nirvana 4-1-12
My cousin getting a ride along at Summit Point! haha MORE VIDEOS OF THE EVENT COMING SOON!

Some Tandem
First couple runs my front tires were still cold. Thats my cousin in his RB20 s13. Just having some fun :) Had 2 other people in the car lol Also, kinda hard to go there during the day so quality is not so great.

200 Drifters of December.
Hey guys! This is the first track day I got to tandem. Had a blast! In the 2 last clips it was my first time trying that track, super fun track!

Snow Drifting
it snowed yay!

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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