Exhaust 97 Nissan Maxima

Stillen Cat-Back Exhaust on 97 Nissan Maxima SE (Stillen Short Ram Intake,No Y-pipe or headers yet) P.S. Not a can. Just really dirty.

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Maxima Exhaust
a couple easy revs. never went WOT. Stock intake box Frankencar Midpipe OBX 3-2-1 Long Runner Headers Custom 2.5" y-pipe 2.5" Testpipe Custom 2.5" Catback Magnaflow 14" resonator Magnaflow?? muffler (unknown)

2Hot2Handle 2006 97 Maxima vs Volvo 740 Turbo
97 Nissan Maxima "all motor" vs Volvo 740 turbo at 2Hot2Handle 2006 1/8th mile street drags. Westpac Stadium

1998 Nissan Maxima SE with Megan 3" exhaust
this is my friend Jonathan's 97 Nissan Maxima. Mods are 3" Megan catback Exhaust, Y pipe with all cats deleted, and a cold air intake. Subscribe for videos uploaded weekly! www.facebook.com/SouthsideCarMeets

1998 Nissan Maxima SE loud/worn exhaust
After 10 years and nearly 167K miles, the original Exhaust has finally worn out, thanks to the many MI winters its been thru. So far no complaints from the neighbors, but man this Max sure is LOUD!!