Gauntlet NES Wizard Play-it-through 3

Part 3. Levels 25-36.

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Gauntlet NES Wizard Play-it-through 4
Part 4. Levels 37-48.

Gauntlet NES Wizard Play-it-through 1
Play-it-through of Gauntlet for the NES with Merlin, the Wizard. Part 1 of a lot.

Gauntlet: Slayer Edition - The Co-op Mode
Chris and Seth take on hordes of enemies in search of keys and turkey in Gauntlet: Slayer Edition for the Sony PlayStation 4. Brilliant! Like our show? Please give thumbs up and subscribe! We post new episodes every Sunday. We also accept donations to help us rent games. Learn more about our show or to donate please visit:

Gauntlet (NES) by Feasel in 19:17 - Summer Games Done Quick 2015 - Part 28
This is a speedrun of Gauntlet (NES) by Feasel from Summer Games Done Quick 2015. The run starts at 2:45. SGDQ2015 raised over $1,200,000 for Doctors Without Borders, and is just one of the many charity marathons from Games Done Quick. To download high quality MP4s of every run at the event, visit our page here: For more information on future marathons, check us out at: Twitter: Facebook: