2013 Isuzu Dakar D-Max Race with Road D-Max - Bruce Garland and Jason Sharpe

In preparation for the 2013 Dakar rally Australian driver Bruce Garland was tricked into an unusual race by Jason Sharpe of the Isuzu drive team, who challenged Bruce's Dakar monster D-Max with his road going D-Max... See the full race here...

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Bruce Garland walk us round his All-New 2013 Dakar Rally Isuzu D-Max
Bruce gives us a behind the scenes insight for all you technical bofins who love to look under the skin of the worlds toughest pick up truck before it takes on the worlds toughest rally race event The Dakar 2013. His Isuzu D-Max has been modified to deal with the tough desert terrain of the Dakar rally.

Dakar - UK Press and PR Event hosted by Isuzu General Manager William Brown.
In November 2012 Isuzu UK hosted a PR event utilizing Australian Rally drive Bruce Garland with his amazing Dakar Rally D-Max, William gives us an event overview and takes a trip in the co-driver seat to tell us what its like!

Isuzu D-Max Hunting and Cooking with Mike Robinson: Stalking Roe Deer
Welcome to another exclusive episode of Hunting and Cooking with Mike Robinson. In this episode Mike stalks roe deer with the Isuzu D-Max Huntsman and Milly, his dog in training. On arrival to the hunt location, Mike is immediately greeted by a stunning deer, a sign of a very good day and an excellent opportunity to shoot deer for the table. Unfortunately the deer doesn't cooperate with Mike's plans so he has to return early morning to try and achieve that all important safe shot. Don't miss the next episode where Mike shows us how to prepare a delicious mixed grill. Hit the 'like' button and subscribe to Isuzu for more cooking videos with Mike Robinson. Be sure to check us out on our other sites! Website: http://tinyurl.com/qx67my6 Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/pcnpc3w Twitter: http://tinyurl.com/qcwulnk YouTube: http://tinyurl.com/pzzvybs

Isuzu BCCC High Drama from the Weekend - Round 4 Hafren Forest
Newsflash from the frontline of the Britpart MSA British Cross Country Championship (BCCC). After really pushing this morning, Jason unfortunately rolled the D-Max. Delighted to say that both he and Rich are just fine - the Cobra Seats and safety gear, plus the strength of the truck itself all did their job beautifully... but that's us out of this round sadly!