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37 dodge pickup 38 day build me and 4 friends(they did all the work)

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1929 Ford Coupe Hot Rod ~ Running Day 1
So the first day off the trailer we took out the car and it died on us leaving us stranded. Started troubleshooting with the builder and found out it wasn't getting spark. Tracing wires we found that the ballast resistor wire had been pulled out of the spade connector. Simple fix so we're back up and running. More videos to come.

New Skool Rat Rod
Rat Rod 463 Big Block Chevy

Cummins Twin Turbo Diesel Rat Rod. This wild Turbo Rat is bad-ass!
The Hot Rod Factory's ultimate goal is to build your dream ride to your satisfaction. For Gary, it was this '34 Dodge Rat Rod with a Cummins Twin turbo Diesel. This wild turbo Rat is bad-ass! Please Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZrnoMQMKqQ7yhlFyr_sqHg