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Audi Ice Driving Experience

The Audi A4 Avant offers 4 WD for more safety and control in extreme driving conditions. Follow the link to for more about Quattro technology: http://audi.us/SK2NsA


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Audi A8L Luxurious Experience
Chief of Product Marketing for Audi AG Sven Stockmar highlights the unparalleled luxury of the new rear-seat executive seating package available in the 2011 Audi A8L. Amenities include rear relaxation seats with remote control massage, four-zone air conditioning, front and rear multimedia control and a 19-speaker Bang and Olufsen advanced sound system. Follow the link for more information about the Audi A8: http://models.audiusa.com/a8

World Premiere of the new Audi A8 in Miami
Audi celebrates "The Art of Progress" on Miami Beach with World Premiere of the 2011 Audi A8. Follow the link to learn more about the A8: http://models.audiusa.com/a8

Audi TT RS Guided Tour
Watch the only Euro spec TT RS in the U.S. roar around Willow Springs Raceway and receive a guided tour by lead Audi driving experience instructor, Paul Gerrard. The TT RS is the pinnacle of performance and design. Follow the link to learn more about the TT RS: http://audi.us/OuZgNF

Audi Sportscar Experience Testimonial
Visit http://audi.us/SK4JRY for more information about the R8 Experience. Follow the link for news about the Audi R8: http://audi.us/MycAml

Driving On Ice With WRC Champion Stig Blomqvist - Fifth Gear
Johnny takes to driving on ice with none other than rally champion Stig Blomqvist but is he up to scratch in the Audi A1 Quattro. For more fantastic car reviews, shoot-outs and all your favourite Fifth Gear moments, subscribe to our Official Channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/fifthgearuk

Audis on Ice - KBB puts Quattro to the test
Audi invited us to Canada to drive some of their all-wheel drive equipped cars on ice. Little did we know we'd be piloting a host of cars unavailable in the United States. In this video Kelley Blue Book's Micah Muzio drives the Audi RS5, A1 and A7; each equipped with Quattro all-wheel drive. http://www.kbb.com/audi/ Kelley Blue Book is your source for car reviews, road tests, new car launches & auto show videos. Subscribe to catch all the latest Kelley Blue Book video reviews. http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=kbb To follow Micah on Twitter, please visit: http://www.twitter.com/micahmuzio

Bentley Ice Driving 2009
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Audi vs. BMW vs. Mercedes vs. Subaru part 2
awd cars test - repaired. now available around the world.

Audi Ice Experience 2013 Arvidsjaur, Sweden
I won an all expense paid trip to Sweden to attend the Audi Ice Experience 2013 ! So I couldn't possibly not make a video about it. I tried to record as much footage without losing on the "Enjoy it while you can" part. The whole Ice Experience program focuses on teaching people to control their cars on snow or slippery surface and how to get the car around the corner as quickly as possible. A four day program sounds short but did more than enough to teach me how to handle a drifting car. Hell I was drifting along the 7 km circuit on the last day. This video best tries to show the experience of driving an Audi S4 on a frozen lake in the beautiful town of Arvidsjaur Sweden. No strings attached, we were even allowed to crash the cars in snow walls ! Drifting completely sideways has been on my bucket list for the longest time. Ever since I started breaking high score records while drifting cars in video games. So all in all this was amazing to say the least. I can proudly say playing Gran Turismo and Forza for most parts of my adolescence life really paid off ten folds while driving these cars on snow. I added some stock footage to the montage since I was limited to just two cameras and a GoPro a friend had. Video Credits to Silver A4 drifting by Oliver Rudolph https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIrrKdA4xsY Peter Ocarroll https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nxr6chzh2LU and the AudiChannel Music : The song Daybreak by OVERWERKS used under Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. All rights to the song belong to the artist. All logos and stock videos used in this video belong to Audi AG. I am simply using the said material for vividly reporting the experience and gain no profit from them.

Audi Quattro Concept official promo - narrated
More confirmation that Audi will be taking the Quattro model to production has surfaced recently. According to a recent report the Quattro Concept was spotted with design-studio license plates on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, California. The car was being escorted to a photo shoot by the California Highway Patrol. When questioned Audi employees let it slip that the car was, indeed, headed to production. The result of the video shoot is this video fully edited. Read more: http://www.worldcarfans.com/110112429733/audi-quattro-confirmed-for-product ion#ixzz16Q9yIAFC

The future Chauffeur - Audi keynote CES 2014
Piloted driving is so relaxing: Lean back and do whatever you want while the car is driving you autonomously wherever you want. The video shows a chauffeur who's having the job of his life due to piloted driving. Take a look at the video and get a hint on what Audi will present at the CES 2014. Follow the Audi keynote of CEO Rupert Stadler: http://bit.ly/1ato4xT.

Tuthill Porsche 911 Skids in Norway: Ice Driving Training 2011
Tuthill Porsche started its rally driver training programme on the frozen lakes of Norway in 2005. Since then, the ice driving school has moved to Kall, in Sweden. Here's some video from 2011 shot during the last season we completed in Norway. Learn more about ice driving in classic Porsche 911s at www.belowzeroicedriving.com.

AUDI TV - How to drive safely in winter conditions
AUDI TV - How to drive safely in winter conditions

Audi E-Tron
Audi E-Tron

► SNOW DRIFTING: 2013 Audi RS5

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