Beetles at Budel! Internationaal Keverweekend 2010

Videoverslag van de 27ste editie van het IKW 2010. Met oa. de buggybak en natuurlijk de sprint! Geniet ervan! Video from the International Beetle Weekend at Budel. With the buggypit and the sprint! Enjoy, rate and/or comment!

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IKW. Budel Sprintfinale 2010
Film van de sprint Finale van de Kever Club Nederland op zondag 20 Juni 2010. Met verschillende kevers, busjes en een karmann

Keverweekend Budel 2009
Keverweekend Budel 2009

Classic 1983 Kyosho/Graupner Baja complete overhaul.
This buggy was made in 1983 by Kyosho but sold by, and under the name of Graupner. I bought this buggy second hand in 1986 and it already had some wear and tear on it. The original engine that was on it was an HB .21 PDP; a loud engine with mediocre performance. Over the years, the aluminium gears wore out to the point that it couldn't handle a decent engine anymore, so i installed a docile 4 stroke 4,1cc O.S. on it to preserve the gears. Back in the 1990's, this buggy was obsolete and parts were nowhere to be found anymore. The installation of the 4 stroke engine meant that riding offroad was out of the question so i only used it onroad which wore out the tires. Recently i found and bought a brand new HB .21 engine and a well used Veco .21, which is a similar engine as the HB. The internals, cooling head and Exhaust are the same on both so i decided to restore the Veco to put onto the Graupner. A gearbox with new gears was found so al i had to do was to service the ball differential (notice the size!). A set of new front and rear tires was found too so after many hours of working on the buggy, it's finally ready to go offroad again. This is in no way a restoration. The idea was to end up with a buggy that looked better than the state i bought it in, with everything working properly and to be able to go offroad again. I hope you like the end result, enjoy! The specifications: Car: Kyosho (Graupner) Baja Body. Engine: Restored Veco .21 from 1983. Chassis: Twin beam at the front and twin vertical stainless steel plates at the rear. Suspension: Front and rear trailing arms. Clutch: Homemade with original springs. Drumbrake with homemade brake pad. Ball differential. Production year: 1983. Please rate, comment, share!

Keverweekend Budel
vertrek van de rondrit op 16 juni tijdens het keverweekend in Budel