300 whp mazdaspeed 6 0-210 kmh

cpe ems 3" Tbe Tmic bov intake. car takes off at aprox 3.5 seconds (launched at 4500 rpm) hits 60 mph aorund 4-5 seconds and 120 mph in 17.5 best 1/4 mile so far 12.6 @107 mph

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Street Unit Mazdaspeed 6 389 whp 10/6/2009
2nd pull at 26 psi with slight tune change. Shop employee handling camera didn't get the numbers at the end of the pull, lol, but i got the sheet to prove it.

Mazdaspeed 3 0-60 in 5.5sec Turbo Stock
Mazdaspeed 3 0-60 in 5.5sec turbo Stock. Tire Burning 235 rubber

Mazdaspeed6 gt2871r external wastegate
2007 ms6 gt2871r externally wastegated many other mods untuned and running off wastegate spring a simple showing of how the car sounds.

Mazda 6 MPS (Mazdaspeed6) 272 HP with Remus exhaust 0-200 km/h run
2006 Mazda 6 MPS (Mazdaspeed6) night run. 2.3i DISI turbo, AWD Stock engine, except Remus SPORT LABEL type specific Exhaust system (around 15+ HP --- 272 HP) - One person, full tank - TC/Stability controll OFF Still getting used to it :-)