300 whp mazdaspeed 6 0-210 kmh

cpe ems 3" Tbe Tmic bov intake. car takes off at aprox 3.5 seconds (launched at 4500 rpm) hits 60 mph aorund 4-5 seconds and 120 mph in 17.5 best 1/4 mile so far 12.6 @107 mph

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mazdaspeed6 pull
mazdaspeed6, first attempt at making a video

Mazda 6 MPS acceleration 0-100km/h 4.2sec (3 run)
Mods: TD 06, full Exhaust and cai Diagram horsepower: http://s020.radikal.ru/i706/1312/6a/014f67f7a605.jpg

COBB Tuning - Dyno 316 WHP / 362 WTQ - 2007 MazdaSpeed 6 - COBB Tuning Plano
316 WHP / 362 WTQ 2007 Mazda MazdaSpeed 6 tuned at COBB Tuning's facilities in Plano, TX. ProTuned using the COBB AccessPort on 93 Octane. http://www.cobbtuningplano.com Primary Power Modifications: CPE FMIC AEM CAI CP TIP & DP 3" Straight Pipe Exhaust Water/Meth Injection Kit Click below to see this Dyno graph on our Dyno Database: http://plano.cobbtuning.com/Dyno/index.php?gb=0&hp=1&torque= 1&Boost=1&rpm=1&sl=1&sln=1&runid1=976&rgb1=00000 0255

Mazdaspeed 6 vs. WRX at the dragstrip
Just some fun on a test and tune night at the local track. WRX time: 12.65@107 Mazdaspeed time: 13.25@105 WRX mods: Cobb AP Bigger injectors walbro 255 fuel pump upgraded top mount Intercooler external wastegate downpipe with full Exhaust TPG tuned Owner claimed the numbers on the Dyno were 330awhp/350awtq Mazdaspeed 6 mods: Autotech HPFP internals JBR powerpath intake and turbo inlet pipe Street Unit top mount Intercooler catless Ebay downpipe stock catback Cobb AP 3 gallons of E85 w/ custom tune 288awhp/340awtq Car was heatsoaked, but I won't make any excuses. lol