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1:18.515 lap time @ NASA TT Trial 8 - MSR Cresson 1.7 CCW

This is my fastest lap at MSR Cresson during the NASA Time Trials on March 15th, 2009. The track was very "green" this weekend because of lots of rain so I was surprised to do this well. I also started losing my tires and you can hear a lot of squealing going on. Hopefully this video will have sound. ;) With a good track, tires and proper pressures, 1:17s are likely.


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Pat Long Porsche GT3 Cup Motorsport Ranch Cresson CCW
June 2013 Pat Long drives my 2006 Porsche GT3 on the 1.7 CCW track at Motorsport Ranch Cresson TX. I am riding along. He is very smooth! Notice the #72 Park Place Porsche GT3 Cup enters the track and race is on! K Finch

MSR Cresson 1.7 CCW
First time in level 3, my 3rd track day, and first time on this track. I had allot of fun out there and can't wait till next year to takr Ty Howards class and get a track bike. I want to say thanks to Lance, James, and Guthree "I hope the spelling is right"

MSR CRESSON 1.7 CCW in Corvette
Bob Halford at the wheel chasing me in his super fast corvette. Bob and I both ran our best laps this weekend posting 1:20.4's. My car is the Silver 07 Z06.

MSR Cresson 1.7 CCW Apex Driving Academy Instructor Session
A COLD and VERY WINDY day on March 21, 2010 out at MSR, this is a session being picked up right after I let the other instructor in his C2 on Hoosier R6s by as I was still warming up my tires. After that I try my butt off to match his pace or catch him. My fastest time of the day, timed with the Max Q data iPhone app was a 1:27.1. I suffer still from some understeer mainly at Horse shoe and Wagon Wheel, and the wind was actually blowing me off line in Boot hill and Tombstone, but overall I think I drove around the issues alright for the most part. Buzzard neck seems to be getting more bumpy too.

Drivers Edge MSR Cresson 3.1 Oct 2013 Green Run Group
I was the 2nd car on the track and felt pretty good after keeping up with a GTR in my 2007 Volkswagen Rabbit until I threw a serpentine belt. I have appx 180whp @ 7k rpm, H&R super sport springs with gti shocks and struts, Hotchkis anti-sway bars, and Continental DWS tires. This was my first event on this track and have a lot of room for improvement. Thanks to the Driver's Edge team and a BIG thanks to my instructor David!

MSR Cresson 1.7 CW - Exige and 300ZX
2009.02.21 Day 1 Session 4 with the Drivers Edge 1.7 CW

CMRA, Cresson, Formula 40, 6/10/12, FIRST PLACE
CMRA, Motorsports Ranch Cresson, Formula 40 Expert & Novice, 6/10/12 My fourth race of the day (thankfully the last one) This race was unfortunately missing two Novice class friends who are regulars that I'd be competing against, due to injuries at the last event. Started on Novice front row, right side. Got a fantastic start, and ended up putting a 16-second gap on the Novice class 2nd place finisher. Could not get past one of the Expert class guys (he edged me out by .001 seconds at the end), was a tough battle; and this being only my fifth race weekend, am a little hesitant yet to be up so close at these speeds. I'll get you next time Mr. Price! Lap 1, 1:25.236 Lap 2, 1:24.073 Lap 3, 1:22.559 Lap 4, 1:23.198 Lap 5, 1:23.601 Lap 6, 1:23.197 Lap 7, 1:23.134 Lap 8, 1:23.285 (Total elapsed time, 11:16.365)

MotorSport Ranch Cresson trackday helmet cam
Some laps around Motorsport Ranch 1.7mile course in Cresson, Texas during RideSmart track day Nov 17, 2013. Riding my 2009 Honda CBR600RR in level 2 (intermediate).

Corvettes and Viper passing through lots of traffic at MSR 1.7 CW - Driver's Edge - Red Run Group
This is a snippet of a session in the Red run group at Drivers Edge on the 1.7 CW of Motorsport Ranch in Cresson. There is a ton of traffic and then me and 2 Corvettes threading our way through it all. Bob was adament about not letting anybody by him. The 3 of us ended up being told to not drive so closely by MSR. Lap times don't matter with this many cars on the track so please ignore that part. :) Anybody know how to get Corvette yellow paint off Viper blue paint? :) Just kidding... Thanks Bob and Ron for the fun.

In too much of a hurry to warm up cold tires in February
A nice cold day in February and on the first lap I go off because I didn't let my tires warm up, was listening to music, and wasn't paying close attention to details. Although you see dust and dirt over the hood, what you don't see is much more dust and dirt and rocks coming through my driver side window. Regardless, I bucked up and kept going after this to get my best time of the day which was a 1:18.7. I also bent the rear fins which fortunately bent back out straight.

Spec Racer Ford GEN3 @ Texas World Speedway May 24, 2014
In this cheesy narrated video, I talk about driving the first privately built GEN3 SRF conversion. G30006 is the motor serial number. This is also a new car to me (chassis #868) and I've never even sat in it until this race. We never checked the suspension, camber/toe/caster, alignment, sway bars or any other settings because we needed all the time just to get the motor running. So, the first time I drove the car was in a race and I started in the back in P32. I completed the race in P11. I raced again on Sunday and we had a chance to tune the suspension. I started P29 and finished P3. The car was much better and I learned my shift points from the Saturday race.

Miata @ MSR Cresson
Greddy turbo Miata w/ AEM EMS running MSR Cresson. 223whp/191tq @ 10psi. Good race between an Evo8 reportedly making 500+whp and "Mighty Mouse".

Dodge Viper ACRs chasing each other around Motorsport Ranch in Cresson, TX
David, Brad and I are chasing one another around MSR on this cool but fine Sunday afternoon in Cresson, TX. David decides to leave the track in Big Bend and then Brad decides to leave the track in Wagon Wheel. I have them both on video in front and in the rear. You'll probably see fuel coming from my car and David's car. We filled up just prior to this session and we both have fuel dumping from our overflow.

Porsche IROC -vs- 993 -vs- Corvette at MSR Texas
Here are a few laps chasing the IROC Porsche 911.... Myron has a wonderful Blue 911 Machine. Myron is along for the ride while Doug at the wheel for the first time. The NVR-E-NUF Gang Has A Ton Of Fun together at MSR!!!!! The IROC Porsche is Fast, Doug is getting a feel.... And it is all fun. My Nephew, Jimmy, is riding along, and this pace is a bit unsetteling. We lay down a 1:25 & change on the 1.7 CCW at Motorsport Ranch in Cresson, Texas. Check it Out....

MSR Cresson 1.7 6/28/14
Breaking in the ninja 300 following instructor Randy for RideSmart Level 1. On the 1.7 loop at MSR Cresson. Second clip is from a previous session with the camera turned around. Last few seconds is what happens when you have your foot under the shifter at lean. Camera shut off from the jarring, rode it out and got back on track.

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