US Colonial Marine with M56 smart gun at Calgary Expo

US Colonial Marine withi M56 smart gun at Calgary Expo. Full articulation. custom made and worn by a professional steadicam operator.

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USCM Artillery: M56A2 Smart Gun - Explained
Another example of the USCM's advanced weaponry, this video takes a look at the M56 Smart Gun and its capabilities/functions. Poll is closed: Be sure to subscribe for the latest videos! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

Aliens- Combat Drop Alternate Version
This is a re-edited version of the combat drop sequence from Aliens, using an unused track from composer James Horner's score for the film. The alternate music begins around 2:30. In order to make the music fit, I had to cut out Hudson's rant about superior firepower, but everything else is the same.

Lage Manufacturing MAX 41A Real Aliens Pulse Rifle
Lage Manufactueing MAX-41A A combination submachinegun in 9mm and short barreled 12 gauge shotgun designed to resemble the M-41A Pulse Rifle from the movie Aliens. Submachinegun component is a NFA registered SWD M-11/9 with an Anthony Smith style Suomi upper receiver. Magazine used is a Suomi "Coffin" magazine that holds 50 rounds of 9mm. No modifications or alteration of the M-11/9 lower receiver is required. Shotgun component is a NFA registered Remington 870 short barreled shotgun. BATFE letter was obtained confirming this is a legal configuration, prior to manufacturing. Features: Ammunition Capacity, Subgun- 50 rounds 9mm Ammunition Capacity, Shotgun- 3 rounds 12 gauge, 2-3/4" shells (2 in magazine, 1 in chamber) Collapsible Stock Red dot sight- powers on with insertion of magazine Digital bullet counter- powers on with insertion of magazine Weight- 18 pounds Rate of Fire, 9mm- 800 RPM Barrel length, 9mm- 14" Barrel Length, Shotgun- 7-1/2" Length, Stock Retracted- 24-3/4" Length, Stock Extended- 33-1/2" Width- 2-3/4" Height- 11-1/2" Link to MAX-41A Webpage-

ALIENS Behind the Scenes
Behind the scenes footage of James Cameron directing the Hadley's Hope entry in Aliens. I shot this as a test, really, and I'm quite surprised at the number of viewings it's received, which must mean people are interested - if so, then you can find this footage and more, in better quality, on the Alien Anthology BD set.