Sonic Stock vs Trifecta Tune

1.4L turbo Sonic stock tune pull and trifecta tune pull.

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Trifecta Tune - Chevrolet Sonic - Installation, 0-60, Review & More - HD 1.4L
Trifecta sent out their 1.4L Advantage tune for our 2013 Chevrolet Sonic. I take you through the installation, give you some input, performance runs and even a highway mileage report. This is the most comprehensive Sonic/Trifecta review out there. Enjoy!

Modified - Sonic-Powered Chevy Sonic Build Pt. 2
After two months of teasing we've finally lift the veil on our Modified Magazine Sonic RS build. With just the right combination of parts, we have created a beast on the track and blast on the street. From the Bad News racing ECU tune, to the custom Aero package, to the 18x9 Volk Racing TE37v wheels, to a full roll cage this thing is ready to rock just about anywhere. Cruise over to for more info on this beautiful build.

E85 Chevy Sonic
My Sonic Trifecta tuned with E85 blue pill and ZZP SRI.

Pranking My Mom With The Trifecta Performance Tune
I steal my Mom's Buick Encore to install a tune from - She has no idea this is going to happen, so we'll have a little fun today and see if she even notices the horsepower/torque gains along with waaay faster shifting. Check out for all your late model GM tuning needs.