9.54 sec VW Richie Webb vs VW Paradise pro mod

Richie Webb VS VW Paradise pro mod, Webb runs a 9.54 to paradise's 8.76

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UK Record - Richie Webb 8.91 @ 150 mph Santa Pod RWYB 1st June 2013

9.33@149.28mph at sacremento
My quickest pass ever in my vw cabrio beetle at Sacremento bug o rama 63 running in Pro mod

VW Paradise The Hater Maker
VW Paradise at Bugorama 66. Launched the car in 3rd gear stopped, backed up & re staged. As the car got into 3rd gear it started spinning the tires and had to abort the run.

VW Drag Racing - Vegas 04 - estrada vs sacchette
PRA - VW Drag Racing. Vegas 04 super street final Jack Sacchette vs. Jorrie Estrada. VW ghia vs Bug.