zx14 acceleration

zx14 acceleratng

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Kawasaki ZX-14 / ZZR1400 Acceleration
A demonstration of just how fast big bikes like the '14' and 'Busa' accelerate. As you will see, bikes like these will reach 150mph in under 10 seconds.

(HD) ZX14R GPS-Acceleration 0-top speed
used a qstarz gps data logger

ZX14R | Review | Fastest Accelerating Motorcycle on the Planet
In this video I explain in my opinion why the zx14r is so Bad ass and stands alone Hands Down to other bikes in production today! All Interstate pulls are 65 to 180+ really Freaking Quick!

ZX-14 Top Speed Run, Standing Mile - 18.6.2011 Halli
This was my first time on runway... Messing up with rews, gears etc. Stock 2008 ZX14 with Yoshimura slip-ons. Bike is EU model, so speedo = km/h