Stock Integra GSR Turbo

Stock Integra GSR turbo 12 PSI on E85 11.897 @ 117.21

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Gsr turbo *stock internals*
Stock gsr 14lbs Garrett 60mm 650cc injectors Hondata s300 Pump 93

Stock Turbo Integra GSR 11.3 Pass
Stock turbo Integra GSR turbo + 16 lbs + E85 11.3 @ 125 english racing tuned

The Turbo Integra that Could! (740hp)
This nasty little turbo Integra showed up at the TX2K14 Roll Race event and took some cars by surprise! A 880hp Corvette,750hp TT Audi R8, 900+hp Supra and didn't do too shabby against a 1350hp GT-R! See what it's got under the hood in this feature!

11.8 Stock Gsr Turbo At 13psi 375hp
BIR... 11.83 True Street Racers... RIP GSR....