Stock Integra GSR Turbo

Stock Integra GSR turbo 12 PSI on E85 11.897 @ 117.21

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Integra SMOKES Twin Turbo Audi R8!?
Myles' ‘Little Integra That Could’! That’s right, the little green Integra returns badder than ever at TX2K16's Roll Racing event! Running a Motec ECU, shifting through a dogbox and being force fed by a Precision 6266, this little econobox Honda has been transformed into something truly competitive against the big dogs! These little Honda motors are stout and very capable of high horsepower if done right! This TT R8 was no slouch putting down 1000whp! Lucky for the Integra, power to weight ratio is on it’s side and the ending may surprise you! —————————————————— Subscribe ► 1320Video Gear ► Facebook ► Instagram ► 1320Video ► Twitter ►

Stock B16 Turbo Civic E85 VS SOHC VTEC Turbo EG
Stock B16 turbo Civic E85 10-11 lbs english racing tuned SOHC VTEC EG Hatch 8-9 lbs

11.8 Stock Gsr Turbo At 13psi 375hp
BIR... 11.83 True Street Racers... RIP GSR....

Eg b18b 12psi vs 550whp integra built gsr 18.6psi
40 roll Eg hatch bone stock b18b 3076r turbo 12psi 550whp Integra built gsr 18.6psi