My Triumph Street Triple R Crash

GB Racing frame sliders saved the entire bike, only some scratches left on the Exhaust, which I have since sanded out. Looks good as new!

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motorcyclist kills car driver
Gory scene. What happens when a motorcycle pulls out on a car, instead of the car pulling out on the motorcycle.

Superduke crash at ~140km/h
Updated info: First off, it's not a power wheelie. I use the clutch. Seriously, it's a Superduke, not a superbike. Due to several comments around some forums about the wheelie while passing the black car; He is the one asking for a wheelie. If you look close you can see him pulling down the window and waving with his hands. And yes, he rides a motorcycle aswell :) The leather suit is Dainese Trickster and the gloves is Lindstrands Urex. Tank slappers /speed wobble side note: 3rd gear goes to 158km/h and I'm pretty much landing at that speed. Running conversation: Guy in black car: Are you okay? Me: Ye it's chill. Me: It's lucky I use a leather suit. Guy: ~Something~ I have crashed a few times. Me: Oh you have? :) Me: ye well, what to say..

My Girlfriend Wrecks her Motorcycle : Double Crash
READ THIS! My girlfriend crashes her Triumph Bonneville and Jon Jon crashes his Harley Dyna street bob This whole video may seem to be a bit melodramatic to you, especially for a motorcycle wreck that wasn't that serious. But until you've ridden up and seen the person you love the most lying on the ground next to a wrecked motorcycle... and not moving at all then you don't know. It was one of the scariest moments of my life seeing her limp on the pavement. It really brings home the seriousness of this sport and the way we have chosen to live our lives... especially since I encouraged her to get on a bike and she would have never been in this danger if not for me. That certainly won't keep us from doing what we love though, thanks for watching. And please, all the keyboard warriors keep your advice to a minimum, she knows she made a mistake and freely admits it. Jessica doesn't need any of your hate. Hit me up on Twitter @shadetreeYT Find me on Instagram #shadetree_surgeon

Triumph Triple Near Crash
Triumph spark show almost ends in a lowside