helo guys... sorry for late upload... i got tone of official video job this month.. huhuhu.. so this is the video promo of past controversial event that most debated in forum... p/s: thanks to all drifter because i join you activities i got ton of future project... hehehe...

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SSR Real Drift vol.1
ドリラジサーキット仙台SSRでの走行動画です。 http://ssr.web.wox.cc/ 制作 GreenPeaceDesign. www.greenpeacedesign.com

Flying 20 Helicopters Simultaneously Part II
Well as we promised, we attempted to fly 20 helicopters in a smaller room so you can see the impact. It was a scary experience as you can see and hear the fear from everyone. DO NO ATTEMPT, we are professionals, well at least some of us. Enjoy the video and let us know what you think REMEMBER TO LIKE! the more likes we get, the more incentive we have to give out a free helicopter!!! Please Share so everyone can see it Check out all the cool rc helicopters at http://bit.ly/ReYS6P

amazing car racing videos and big truck stunt must watch, car drifting competition

Rc Drifting ラジコンニューヨーク
コースの風景等。 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-Nj2IoXVrs Christian Bale Song: The Sweetest Ever by : Musicshake