Rotary powered datsun.

Series 4 13B bridgeport on Nitrous oxide. no time was 9.0@143mph

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turbo rotary Corolla vs nitrous'd 03 Cobra (round2)
Round 2 of the Nitrous Cobra and 13b turbo Corolla.

Rotary-powered BMW does 7.48s pass drag racing
Mazsport quad-rotor engine in a BMW E46 M3. From Jim Beam Performance Car TV, episode 5. Check out more at

Rx7 drag racing
Fd at the strip. using drag radials

Tatiana Racing
Tatiana Racing accident and recostruction -video by shift gear -racing footage by -music by tego calederon Los mate. Category: Autos & Vehicles Tags: Shift Gear Clothing Tatiana Racing Grs motorsports rotary accident drag racing turbo burnout 13b mazda starlet toyota kp61 License: Standard YouTube License