1-31-13 sloppy twin turbo 2500 update

slamming away, down to shortblock, isntalled cam already, headgaskets and sprung heads installed tomorrow, and then going full steam

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2 2 13 twin turbo 2500 update 2
another update today with the turbos already hung and the front end chopped up to fit the Intercooler.

7 Car Features That No Longer Exist!!
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6-5-13 Megasquirt1 v2.2 / Microsquirt2 v3 / MS3Gold show and tell
Showing the differences between 3 boxes I have to explain, educate, and hopefully answer and raise questions about MS products currently on the market from EFI Source that the sloppy mechanics use as an alternative stand alone instead of the factory computer for purchase info http://www.efisource.com/contact-us/ Boyertown EFI Source 320 South Franklin Street Boyertown, PA 19512 Tel: (610) 473-2089

12-24-14 turbo 2500 compilation
wanted a video that showed alot of the fun clips from the 2500 all in one place