1-31-13 sloppy twin turbo 2500 update

slamming away, down to shortblock, isntalled cam already, headgaskets and sprung heads installed tomorrow, and then going full steam

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2 2 13 twin turbo 2500 update 2
another update today with the turbos already hung and the front end chopped up to fit the Intercooler.

8-31-13 Turbo 2500 dyno again
after 4000 miles with the sloppy turbo kit, decided to throw the truck on the Dyno and see what kind of numbers it puts down 675@17lbs

10-9-12 Sunturd introduction
1980 Pontiac Sunbird / Chevy Monza project turbo 4.8, 317 heads, KMJ studs, LS9 gaskets, stock cam, GT45 turbo, th350. dana44 rear with 308 gears.

5-26-15 fairmont 5 converter swapping
well still not making any power, trying a known good converter next, then ill try the other longblock i have and completely eliminate anything from the picture