BMW 850/840 i / ci / csi - Auto Motor & Sport TV

Eine Reportage von AMS-TV von 1999 über einen BMW 850/840 ci / csi.

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Hello, good day to you all friends, fans and followers of this blog Lleureioci Motor, welcome to a new report. The next story was about a big sports model and the German model BMW collector, 850 (series 8, 300 hp 5.0 cm3), one of the models that I like me and a lot more people. This model of the 8 series BMW had rear-wheel drive (like all BMW) and had different powers from the 850 V12 (300 CV 5.0 cm3 250 km / h autolimit) with very high average consumption (19 l / 100 kms, 98 octane petrol) with manual 6-speed automatic and five-speed four. Later versions were out new CSI 850 and the 380 hp and 840 CI (MOTOR 4.0 cm3). They were great sports sedans, but there was a large German coach Koenig as he prepared great versions of this model BMW 850i leaving high performance engines. Then I pass a video I made of this model, but in the 1st version came out, the series 8 5.0 cm3 and 300 hp 12-cylinder V (V12), I hope you like my fans these up the next followers and supporters.