1968 Dodge Dart 440

First Pass With Dart

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1967 440 Dodge Dart
Bob Griffith's 1967 440 Dart Dodge LIGHT AND EASY 1/4 Mile Run at Bradenton Sarasota FL Race Way

First 1/4 Mile pass with 470 and 8-3/4
Sorry for the shaky video. The 8-3/4 rear end blew a few weeks after this video.

'68 Dart into the 10's
Street car, working the kinks out of a new 500 cube wedge/drag radial combo. 11-1 CR, hyd. flat tappet, ported E-brocks, 4K converter, 4.10 gear, thru muffs on 275 M/T's. No Boost or spray.

Dodge Dart Stroker
Första uppstary med nya motorn