Tour of Joliet Junior College's Early Childhood Center

Joliet Junior College's licensed Early Childhood Center (ECC) is offered to community members as well as students and staff at the college. The ECC was established to provide young children with a safe and healthy environment where they are nurtured and cared for by responsible certified caregivers. Childcare professionals take a developmental approach to the preschool curriculum and follow the guidelines developed by the National Association for Education of Young Children (NAEYC). More information about the Early Childcare Center can be found at

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Fortune world school, Coffee With Parents, orientation ceremony
Under the able guidance of school management, advisory board and principal Mrs Chakraborty organised the Orientation Ceremony for session 2015-16. the event was rightly named as 'Coffee with Parents' in which parent were openly explained and demonstrated the working of the school. A live and interactive session was held where parents were the students and teachers took the class, it was an interactive session in which parents were told about the curriculum, activities, cafeteria, fun time, sports, gps and parent login system, homework at school, new innovative methodology that school is providing. on this occasion the school was enriched with a digital english language lab, introduction of on campus cooking cafeteria, inauguration of the conference room. apart from this special courses like kumon and journalism course in association with Zee News were also introduced. parents expressed happiness towards such significant growth of the school...... the session ended with a cip of coffee and snacks in the school cafeteria.

Back To School & Daycare Haul
I am a bit late uploading this because I haven't had time to edit, but here is a little haul of stuff for both Marlee and I as we gear up for the new school year. Goodluck to everybody who is starting school!

Joliet Junior College's New Campus Center - 5/10/11
In a month JJC will begin moving into the new Campus Center. Here is an inside look and what's to come.

Drama at Joliet Junior College
A group of students thought it would be fun to shake things up during Spirit Week at Joliet Junior College. They placed a "drama button," near the Campus Center Cafeteria, and when somebody pushed it -- the excitement began. Students started arguing, vikings and cowboys ran up to see what was going on, and there were appearances by Wiley the Wolf, Mr. Taco and the Cookie Monster. This event was a fun way to celebrate Spirit Week at JJC.