Hemi 69` Dart - Tech Insp.

Gimli Dragway Sept 09`

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Hemi Dart Testing Gimli 7/2010

C.A.R. SMOKIN' 69 Dart + 572cid = 10.2 sec quarter!
Check out my latest, amazing-est review here: https://youtu.be/sh0Qv4z5Yo8 Thanks for joining me here on Clark's Automotive Review. If this is your your first time visiting, make sure you subscribe! This is an amazing 1969 Dart with a 572 cid and gorgeous paint job! I mean this car is fast: the owner claims it can run 10.2 secs at ! That's smokin' fast! Leave a comment and tell me what you think. He gave me express permission to leave his license plate in the video due to my lack of video editing software. He said, "Everybody already knows who I am!" That's probably true . . .


HEMI Dart Atco Raceway 2010