FLAMES: Underground Racing Twin-Turbo Superleggera Outboard Ride-1050 awhp Madness

Outboard of the insane Underground Racing Twin-turbo Superleggera pushing 1050awhp on pump and 1250awhp on race! Onboard video coming shortly. Stay TUNED!!! Can you spot the flames? Trust me, you have to see then so watch closely Honors: 6.2.2011 #87 - Most Discussed (Today) - Autos & Vehicles #185 - Most Viewed (Today) - Autos & Vehicles - Italy #84 - Top Favorited (Today) - Autos & Vehicles #109 - Top Rated (Today) - Autos & Vehicles Coming Soon: Onboard Video "Blown Away"-Reaction Video "The Devil's Workshop" Special Surprises

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WHIPLASH!!! Underground Racing Twin Turbo Gallardo Superleggera On-Board Video
Neck snapping acceleration ruled the day. My Underground Racing Gallardo Superleggera was still in final testing but this gem is a SuperBeast for sure. You can see how I was consistently thrown back in my seat, then lurched forward and before I could recover on the next gear shift thrown back again. Words can not fully describe the feel of this 1250 awhp onslaught!

Underground Racing Lambo Wins Puerto Rico 1/2 Mile Three Times in a Row
For the third time in a row Richard in his Undergorund Racing TT Gallardo brings home the win. Richard made serval passes through out the day reaching a top speed of 232.9 mph in the Standing Half Mile, placing him first with The Fastest Car of The Day. As always a huge thank you to PR 1/2 Mile Event Team for putting on such an awesome event.

Lamborghini Gallardo UR TT vs Nissan GTR AMS Alpha 12 (360 km/h) (224 MPH)
Lamborghini Gallardo UR TT vs Nissan GTR AMS Alpha 12

Is This The Fastest Car Around the Nurburgring?
Jim Glickenhaus has built a street legal Le Mans car that he thinks can take the crown from the Lamborghini Performante & virtually ever other street legal car. It truly is amazing to see this car come to fruition. Check out the Scuderia Cameron Glickenaus SCG 003S. The future is bright.