Cutting out a connecting rod blank using a homebuilt cnc mill

Cutting out a model engine connecting rod blank on my homebuilt CNC Mill. Connecting rod designed using CAMBAM. Jet JDM-15 mill/drill converted to CNC. CPU is a HP ZE4500 notebook running MACH3.

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Manufacturing of a prototype connecting rod
Gilera tuning

Hobbymat BFE65-CNC -- homemade conrod milling --
Homemade conversion hobbymat BFE65-CNC Here the full description:

Tormach CNC 1100 1st Part (Connecting Rod)
1st part on a new Tormach CNC 1100. Wanted to do something a little bit more complex than a block with a pocket, so I scaled a stock LS2 connecting rod by 1/2. Machining was a bit on the conservative side (I think). 3000 RPM (~300 SFM) 29 in/min (0.0047" chipload) 0.050" depth of cut 0.225" width of cut (60% stepover)

CNC Fräsen Milling "Nockenwellenrad" UVA UNVERZAGT