Cutting out a connecting rod blank using a homebuilt cnc mill

Cutting out a model engine connecting rod blank on my homebuilt CNC Mill. Connecting rod designed using CAMBAM. Jet JDM-15 mill/drill converted to CNC. CPU is a HP ZE4500 notebook running MACH3.

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Manufacturing of a prototype connecting rod
Gilera tuning

Tormach CNC 1100 1st Part (Connecting Rod)
1st part on a new Tormach CNC 1100. Wanted to do something a little bit more complex than a block with a pocket, so I scaled a stock LS2 connecting rod by 1/2. Machining was a bit on the conservative side (I think). 3000 RPM (~300 SFM) 29 in/min (0.0047" chipload) 0.050" depth of cut 0.225" width of cut (60% stepover)

How it's Made: Hot Rods' Connecting Rod Manufacturing
In depth behind the scenes look at Hot Rods' U.S. manufacturing process for their dirt bike, ATV, snowmobile, and personal watercraft connecting rods.

How to make Connecting Rod - Part 1 of 2
This is a solidworks tutorial, in which I have shown how to sketch and create a connecting rod of an engine.