RICHARD BROWN WROTE: "The video shows run 5 on the salt flats, this was the first run we made averaging over 300MPH, with a peak of 335MPH. Initially you will see the the bike being towed for a short distance followed by a release signal and the tow truck swerving off line, the bike is then coasting at about 40MPH during which time I retract the skids and await the "In zone" signal that tells me I have reached the optimum position relative to the timming traps to ignite the rocket motor, take a look at the speed the mountains in the background are passing by!

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2 Fastest Aussie on Earth Land Speed Record | Storyteller Media
Rosco McGlashan the fastest Aussie on Earth. A short look at how he gained the Australian Land Speed Record, becoming the fastest Aussie on Earth. Introduced by Peter Brock. Storyteller produce and distribute documentaries and factual programming specialising in animals and nature; from endangered species and what's being done to save them to mysterious animal and monster stories.

Confederate Wraith XP1 Bonneville (no music)
Chris Roberts tribute - The late Chris Roberts test riding the first Confederate Wraith motorcycle prototype on the Bonneville Salt Flats - 2004

Fire Force - Jet Funny car at VW Action September 2007. Santapod Raceway, England.

Speed Week 2008 Bonneville - Buckeye Bullet 2 sunset 082208
Starting line Bonneville Long Course: Ohio State entry Streamliner 2016 Buckeye Bullet. Last run, sunset, 08.22.2008, for a complete story visit: