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Dobbs vs Spencer Motorsports Upload.mp4
The Dinosaur steps up and challenges the Spencer Motorsports GTO. turbo Tracy Cockman was at the helm of the Dinosaur of Dobbs racing team and Lorenzo Stringfield was piloting the GTO. Prostock Joe of World Class Grudge Racing was on hand with Prostock Presents to capture all the action...

Sniper vs Spencer Upload.mp4
The grudge race world was rewarded with a big tire battle for the heavyweight championship belt...wait until you see how this one unfolded. World Class Grudge Racing Promotions was on hand to bring you all the action...enjoy!

Bynes vs Sniper Upload 2.mp4
The much awaited, highly anticipated Mega-Match between the DC Sniper andf Tony Boss Bynes was a total let down...see for yourself. Prostock Presents was on hand to bring you all the action. Listen close because more interesting than the race was the exchange between Sniper and The Old Jacks.

Virgina Slim vs The ThunderWolf
Va takes the break and keeps it!!!!