Mikie Sopczak Stock Suspension 10.5 Mustang Test#3, 7-25-08

FB @ 4200, Launch on 12psi @ 5000, ramp in 25psi max

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Mikie Sopczak Mustang Stock Suspension 10.5, Test#1, 5-27-07
FB 4200, Launch 5000 w 15psi, ramp in to 25max, 345"w/91mm

Mikie Sopczak Twin Turbo Big Block Ford Initial Start Up

Carolina Dragway 08 Finals MS#036 www.wydracing.com
ORSCA Finals from Carolina Dragway 2008 Modified Street #036 Robert Rodgers and Nick Fontana. Started out with a little too much juice (750 shot on 1 kit) but settled down to a new personal best of 5.40 at 130mph in the CHEVROLET powered Ford.

Ray Hollywood Johnson.com 7.19@197mph test pass
7.19 test pass